Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pressure cooker beef stroganoff

Like I was saying on Tuesday, I love stick to your ribs meals during winter, and it is hard to find a meal that fits into that category more  than this one!  I love beef stroganoff, but my husband doesn't care for it (he doesn't like mushrooms or sour cream), so I usually make it when he's out of town.  Just so happens, he's out of town!
That being said, with trying to keep up with a 3 year old, and putting her to bed while getting supper together for myself...well, if it weren't for my pressure cooker, beef stroganoff would just not happen.
However, I do have a pressure cooker, therefore, I do have beef stroganoff!  
A couple of years ago, I got an electric pressure cooker for my birthday, and I haven't looked back!  At first, I just used it for chicken stock and beef stock, however I have been branching out to include boiled peanutsshort ribs and my beef stroganoff!  
I love using my pressure cooker, and the fact that its an electric cooker makes it all the easier!  I can literally set it and forget it.
There are a couple of steps involved in this recipe, but the beef is so tender that it falls apart, the sauce adds a nice tang, and everything poured over the soft egg noodles....well, it's a perfect meal if you ask me!
Here's the grocery list for this one:
2-3 pounds lean stew meat
2 Tbs vegetable oil
1 tsp Kosher salt
1/2 tsp dried thyme
1/2 tsp dried rosemary
1/4 tsp paprika
1 tsp garlic powder
3/4 C flour
1 3/4 C beef stock
1/4 C red wine
8 oz Sour cream (I use Greek yogurt)
8 oz mushrooms
12 oz egg noodles

In a gallon size zip top bag, add the flour and spices (salt included!), and toss to combine.  Trim the beef of any fat, and cut into bite sized pieces, roughly 1 inch in size.  Add to the bag, and toss to coat.

In a large skillet, heat the oil over medium high heat, and add the meat in to sear, in batches, until nice and brown.  You don't want to over crowd the pan, or else the meat will steam instead of brown.  After the meat has browned, put it into the pressure cooker to wait for everything else!

While my meat is browning, I slice the mushrooms and toss them directly into the pot.  Since these are going to be cooked in the pressure cooker, I don't cook them in the pan first, I just wipe them off with a kitchen towel and toss them into the pressure cooker with the meat.

Once your meat is all browned, you will have a lot of flour and brown bits left in your pan.  DO.  NOT.  WIPE.  THIS.  OUT.  This is loaded with flavor, and is the base for your sauce!  Turn the heat off, and pour in your red wine.  If you add a raw alcohol to a pressure cooker, there isn't a chance to cook the alcohol off, so I cook my wine off in a pan for a few minutes.  Your pan will be very hot, so be prepared for a lot of steam and loud sizzling as the wine hits the pan.  Since I have a gas stove, I always turn the heat off when I add alcohol to any pan or pot.  You can never be too careful in the kitchen!
After the wine has been added to the pan, I let it reduce over medium heat for about 5 minutes, then add in the beef stock, and let them simmer for another 5 minutes.  

After the wine and beef stock has reduced a little bit, pour it over the beef and mushrooms in the pressure cooker.  This isn't a lot of liquid, but its enough for the pressure cooker to seal, and cook everything just fine.  I had to tilt my pressure cooker just to get a picture of the wine and beef stock that I poured over the beef and mushrooms.  You can see it on the left hand side of the pot.  Barely.  Put the lid on, and cook it on high for 20 minutes, then let the pressure release naturally; that should take an additional 10-15 minutes.
After the pressure has released, take your sour cream (or plain Greek yogurt), and place it into a medium size bowl.  Add in about 1/4 C of the beef stock and wine liquid to warm the sour cream (again, or Greek yogurt), gently.  Add in about 1/4 C at a time, until it has warmed through.  Gently warming the dairy like this will prevent the sauce from separating, or breaking.  

Once your sour cream has been warmed up, add it to the pressure cooker and mix well.

That's it! Pour this loveliness over your cooked egg noodles, and, if you'd like, sprinkle with some chopped fresh parsley.  And, if you drink the rest of the red wine in the bottle while you eat this, I won't tell anyone....