Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pressure Cooker Boiled Peanuts

Hi y'all!  College football season is in full swing down here in the south, and if you ask me what says college football, my instant first answer is going to be: bourbon.  But, a close second would be boiled peanuts!  I have many, many memories of watching football, while shoving boiled peanuts into my mouth as fast as I could shove them in!  
As much as I love them, though, they do take quite awhile to cook on the stove top, and when I want boiled peanuts, I want boiled peanuts now!  What's a girl to do?  
Hum....what could speed up the cooking, while maintaining the texture of the peanuts...hum....of course!  The pressure cooker!  Oh, this is going to be good!  All you need is about two and a half hours and a pressure cooker!  Ready?  Let's get started!
Here's your grocery list for this one:
2 lbs green, raw peanuts
3/4 C Table salt
Enough water to cover peanuts
Yep.  That's it.  Sometimes the simplest recipes are the best.  That's what I tell myself, anyway!  To start with, dump all of the salt into the basin of your pressure cooker, add in your beautiful green peanuts, and enough water to cover the peanuts.  Find something in your kitchen that will weigh the peanuts down, under the water.  You want to pre-soak the peanuts for at least an hour, to help soften the shells.  If you can do it longer, great, but I rarely can, because I get too excited about boiled peanuts! 
Don't you love my solution for weighing down my peanuts?  Yep, that's a cake pan with my salt container sitting inside of it.  A large can of tomato sauce would have worked beautifully, too! 
After your peanuts have soaked, put the lid on, bring the pressure up to high, and let them cook for 90 minutes.  Once the timer says they are finished, you can either wait and let the pressure release naturally, or just (very carefully) release the pressure valve and drain.  What you are left with are tender, delicious peanuts that have just the right amount of salt cooked into them!  That being said, what I may think is the perfectly salted boiled peanut may be bland for you, or over-salted.  If these aren't salt-y enough for you, just let them soak in the salty water after they have cooked; they will continue to absorb the salt over a couple of hours; if the opposite happens, and they are too salty, don't worry!  Just empty out the salty cooking water, run some fresh water in the pot, put the peanuts back in, and let them soak in the fresh water for a couple of hours.
Now then, I have never had someone say these are too salty, or not salty enough, but to each their own!  I do hope you give these a try this football season, and may your team always win (unless y'all are playing my team, of course!)