Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fancy potatoes

Welcome back everyone!  On my last post, I showed how to make an amazing Ribeye steak, and for me, when I eat a steak, I want a potato to go with it!  I love potatoes.  There are a million different ways to cook a potato (okay...maybe not a million, but it has to be close!), but I was a little tired of home fries, and baked potatoes.  So, I figured I would shake things up a little bit!

These potatoes are tender in the center, and are nice crispy on the sides!  The key to these potatoes is a uniform cut on them, about 1/8".  If your knife skills are up to par, that's fantastic.  I, however, am not very good about getting uniform thin cuts.  Thankfully, I have a handy dandy tool that gives me even slices every time.  I used a tool called a mandoline slicer, which gives perfect, even slices.  Even slices ensures uniform cooking, with consistent results.  
You would also use this tool to cut potatoes for a potatoes gratin!  But I'll do a post on that, later!
Here's your grocery list for today:
This is for one serving, double (or triple, and so on and so forth) as needed
1 potato* per serving
4 TBS olive oil, divided
2 tsp Italian seasoning
1 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp Kosher salt
This is the mandoline slicer; you slide your potato (or whatever it is you're cutting), back and forth over the blade, and the cut potatoes (or, again, whatever it is you're cutting), fall into either a waiting bowl, or your counter top.  Before you cut your potato, preheat your oven to 450*, because this dish comes together quickly.  As a matter of fact, you may have it assembled before your oven preheats!

Once your potato has been sliced, toss the slices with 2TBS olive oil, Italian seasonings, garlic powder and Kosher salt.  Arrange the slices in a shallow baking dish, so that the slices are all touching each other.

Once your potatoes are all cut, and arranged in the dish, put the dish into the oven for 30 minutes.  After 30 minutes, pull your potatoes out, and pour the extra 2 TBS of olive oil on the potatoes, so that they don't dry out.  Once you have reapplied the Olive oil, back into the oven these potatoes go, for another 30 minutes.  If you think that your potatoes are browning too quickly, cover the potatoes with aluminium foil, and leave the potatoes in for the full 30 minutes.  The pictures below on the left are the potatoes after 30 minutes, and then again after they have gone back in for the second 30 minutes.

These potatoes scoop right out of the dish with no problems.  These really are amazing potatoes, and make for a beautiful presentation!  These would be really beautiful for entertaining, or for the holidays! 
*There are lots of different types of potatoes, Russet potatoes are baking potatoes, and tend to get fluffy when they bake.  I used a red potato for this; red potatoes are waxy, which means that these crisp up in the oven.