Thursday, January 15, 2015

Banana Nutella crepes

Hello, everyone!!  I'm so excited for this post; I love breakfast, but my family isn't big on breakfasts on the weekend, and that's sad.  I covered this a little bit in my overnight cinnamon rolls post, but, basically, when I come down on weekend mornings, I'll ask my husband what he wants for breakfast, and I always, always get, "Nothing." for an answer.

Ugh!  I'd love to make waffles, or pancakes, eggs, bacon....I'd love to be able to play and have a huge breakfast!  But, no.
So, occasionally, after I drop my daughter off at school, I'll come home, and make myself a special treat of a breakfast.
I think people assume that because these look somewhat delicate, that these are difficult to make, however, the opposite could not be more true!  These little, French...pancakes, for lack of a better term, can be filled with almost anything!  I like to fill mine with fruit, but honestly, let your imagination run wild!
Here's your grocery list for this one:
1 C All purpose flour
1 tsp granulated sugar
1/4 tsp Kosher salt
3 eggs
2 C milk
2 Tbs butter (unsalted), melted
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 banana (per crepe), sliced
Powdered sugar, for dusting 

Not only are these insanely easy to put together, they cook in, literally, minutes.  These are perfect to make for a brunch, or a breakfast if you're feeding a lot of people!  The crepe batter is made the night before, and makes a large stack, in just a few minutes the next morning!  Let's get started!
To start off with, put your milk, eggs, melted butter, vanilla, sugar and salt into a blender.  Mix until this comes together (just a few seconds).  Add in the flour, and again, mix until just combined.

After everything has come together, pop it into the fridge to rest overnight.  It really is that easy.

The next morning, you'll notice that the batter may have separated a bit, but that's fine.  Just give it a quick buzz with the blender, until everything comes together again.  A quick note, this batter is very runny, so don't be alarmed that this isn't like a pancake batter.

After your batter is ready, set it aside while you get a skillet ready.  I used a smaller skillet, about 10" or so.  Very lightly butter your pan, or spray it with non-stick spray, over medium low heat.  Since these cook up very quickly, you don't want it to burn before you have a chance to let it swirl around the pan.  
You'll usually give up the first crepe to the pan, so you can adjust the heat, or your pouring technique.  It's okay, this makes about two dozen.  This was my first one, and this one I threw away.  You can see around the edges, how it looks lacy a good inch or two into the crepe.  This is not what you want.  My pan was too hot, and the batter didn't swirl all the way around. 
I tossed it, let the pan cool, off of the heat, for a second or two before going back in. 

This one looks much better!  I poured about 1/4 C directly into the center of the pan, and immediately swirled it around, evenly distributing it around the pan.  It will look like these aren't getting a lot of color, and you'll be tempted to fiddle with the heat, but please don't.  You don't flip these, so one side gets beautifully browned  and the other stays pale.  Don't worry, the beautiful brown side goes on the outside.
After about 2 minutes, your crepe will start to lift away from the sides of the pan, so you can easily slide it out, onto a waiting plate.  

Keep repeating this process, until all of them are cooked up.  Put a piece of wax paper, or parchment paper (or, even aluminum foil, if you don't have either of the other two) between each crepe, as they come off of the skillet.  You don't want these sticking together.

Once you have a good amount cooked up, you can start the assembly process!  Take a crepe, and fold it in half.  

Smear half of it with the Nutella, and cover that with the sliced bananas, then fold over, in half again.  Sprinkle with powdered sugar, and there you have it!  Breakfast!

Would you rather have a rolled crepe, instead of a folded one?  No problem!  Again, take a crepe, but this time, just put a smear of Nutella down the center, and lay banana slices down over it.  Fold the sides over, and dust with powdered sugar!  
This breakfast really is fast, simple, and impressive!  I do hope you'll give them a try!